Take advantage of our free home banking services

Manage Your Account Remotely

In order to utilize any of the credit union Home Banking services, you must already be a member of Homeport Federal Credit Union. If you are not a member you may be eligible to join. You will also need a pin number. If you do not already have a pin number, contact our office. Home Banking is a free service!

Click here for Stop Payment Request 

- Stop Payment Fee $25 Per Request

All member accounts are federally insured. For information about federal savings insurance, follow this link: http://www.mycreditunion.gov/Protect/Pages/SI.aspx

Learn Lost, Stolen or Compromised Cards

 To report your Debit/ATM card as lost, stolen, or compromised, please call 800-405-7068.

To report your VISA Credit Card as lost, stolen, or compromised, please call 800-322-8472