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In order to utilize any of the credit union Home Banking services, you must already be a member of Homeport Federal Credit Union. If you are not a member you may be eligible to join. You will also need a pin number. If you do not already have a pin number, contact our office. Home Banking is a free service!

All member accounts are federally insured. For information about federal savings insurance, follow this link:

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Click here for Stop Payment Request - Stop Payment Fee $25 Per Request

Lost, Stolen or Compromised Cards

To report your Debit/ATM card as lost, stolen, or compromised, please call 800-405-7068.To report your VISA Credit Card as lost, stolen, or compromised, please call 800-322-8472.

Navigating Our Interactive Voice Response System

Dial 361-986-9740

Main Menu

For Credit Union Information:

Press 1 at the Main Menu
Press 1 for Services
Press 2 for Office Hours
Press 3 for Savings and Certificate Rates
Press 4 for Loan Rates and Terms

For Account Information:

Press 2 at the Main Menu
Enter your account number (ex. 12345670), then press the (*) key
Enter your pin number

Transaction Menu:

Enter Your Two-Digit Share Type:

To Apply For A Loan, Press 3 at the Main Menu

Loan Types:

To Transfer To An Operator, Press 4


Privacy Policy

Homeport Federal Credit Union is committed to providing you the highest level of security possible. Please contact any of our staff members should you have any questions. Privacy Notice

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